If you wish to purchase work exhibited in the show please contact the Sales Agent by visiting them in person in the gallery, or by emailing


Conditions of Sale
Every purchaser must, upon purchase of the work, pay a deposit of at least one-quarter of the price of each work purchased, and shall pay the remainder of the purchase price at the close of the exhibition and is responsible for removing the work purchased. Each work shall, for the purpose of the rule, be considered the subject of a separate account, and no work will be marked ‘Sold’ until the deposit has been paid.

The Society does not hold itself responsible for errors in prices, and any sale at catalogue price may be cancelled should a discrepancy be found between it and the actual price at which the Society is authorised to sell.

The Society will not be held responsible for any loss, injury or damage to sold works, however caused, whilst in the care of the Society or its agents. Purchasers are therefore advised to have their purchases insured.

No work purchased may be removed until after the close of the exhibition and then only when the full price has been paid. Works not removed within two days after the close of the exhibition will be dealt with by the Society at the owner’s risk and expense. Works not fully paid for within the stipulated time may, at the seller’s option, pass back into the ownership of the seller upon the return by the seller to the purchaser of three-quarters of the deposit made by the purchaser.

All sales are deemed to be made on the above conditions.