“Through my initial involvement with the NHS as a volunteer in an elderly interim ward and the subsequent role of art volunteer with Alzheimer Scotland, I have gained an insight into the importance of identity and expression within the condition of dementia.

The Forgotten Lives series explores the space that those living with dementia surround themselves with in the context of their own homes, how the environment that they’re most comfortable in and the objects that surround them can be considered an extension of their own identities.”

As a recent graduate from the Contemporary Art Practice course at Grays’s School of Art in Aberdeen I have been fortunate enough to be able to explore a range of techniques from sculpture to printmaking, but I have always been drawn to photography, particularly to the analogue process of the darkroom. My own practice makes use of the camera’s capacity for engagement between photographer and subject, to capture the fleeting moments we see around us and to tell a story.

Will Vernon graduated from Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen

Title of chosen piece: The Welder