“My work is primarily concerned with process – building translucent glazes of paint until an illusion of light and depth are achieved. The process involves the application of multiple (up to 40 or more) thin glazes of acrylic paint and gloss medium. Each layer is dragged, pulled or squeegeed with various implements – the process being repeated layer upon layer until the final painting begins to emerge. Arrived at by both chance and deliberation, the final painting reveals varying chromatic strata, which can be seen through the translucence, pentimenti and depth of the work.

“These are paintings which draw the viewer beneath the surface to give some experience of their making – both revealing and concealing the history of the painting process. The paintings are set within a distinct formal compositional framework. Although the horizontal division creates allusions to landscape, this is primarily a device to heighten the dynamic, contrasts, tension and intensity of the painting.

“I aim to make paintings which are luminous, seductive, sensual and atmospheric. I am fascinated in how the raw materials innate to the medium can be turned into something poetic – an object filled with light, feeling, atmosphere and emotion.”


Professional Membership is for artists who are actively practicing professionally within one or more branches of the Visual Arts and is by selection only in recognition of their talent and dedication in this field. Professional Membership permits you to add the post-nominal title ‘SSA’ after your name to indicate that you hold this professional accreditation.