Artist Title
New Media Scotland ~In the fields Criònan
Katharine Aarrestad See the place where idols are
Katharine Aarrestad in architecture
Ade Adesina Wild Awake
Ade Adesina Miles
Tom Allan Twist
Elaine Allison No Foreign Lands
Robert Balfour Ward Leaving Earth
Jill Bennett Natura Morta, Hommage to Pompeii, Pears and Lemon 2
Victoria Clare Bernie Chronograph Drawing: 50 years 0.05 seconds
Victoria Clare Bernie Artemis Agrotera: Silent Pursuit
Alan Bond Fleurs du Mal
Georgina Bown Sub Section
Molly Bullick Salt Marsh
Niall Campbell From the Inside
Juliana Capes Diaspora Paradiso
June Carey I Told You I Loved You
June Carey Too Many Thoughts
Alan Chapman Exchange
Paul Charlton Shine On Me
Paul Charlton VPSSA Angel Fall
Alastair Clark Barren Island
Alastair Clark Forest Island
Alastair Clark Evolution of an Island
Hans K Clausen That joke isn’t funny anymore
Hans K Clausen Chicago 1961
Kyra Clegg Lines of flight lines of becoming
Kyra Clegg Bombshell
Rowena Comrie Flick
Jessica Copping The Nature of Things To Come
Jessica Copping The Shape Of Things To Come
Jessica Crisp Elastic Heart
Lou Davis Grace
Marshall De’Ath Still Life I
Tadeusz Deregowski Forest being cut down
Liz Douglas Pockets of Light 1 & 2
Mark Doyle Rail
Mark Doyle Shore
Darren Duddy Filth
Jean Duncan Water Flowing Over a Weir
Charis Edward Wells The High Priestess of Holding Hands
Eleanor Elks Herrmannsen Soft Candy
Jana Emburey Summoned
Jana Emburey Travellers
Keith Epps Blue Lake
Keith Epps Shower
Keith Epps Baptist
Bryan Evans Reflections from Below
Rhona Fairgrieve Find The Four Leaf
David Faithfull Alchemical Aviary
Peter Ferguson Gone
Rhona Fleming Altered States
David Forster And went down to the palace garden and wept, (Stornaway, Lewis)
David Forster Through the midst of it rippled a clear brook
Anne Forte Three creatures with something in common
Anne Forte Pears
Douglas Fraser University of Stirling
Douglas Fraser Glasgow College of Building + Printing
Roland Fraser Cable Aperture
Lorna Fraser Affine
Lorna Fraser Scaphigerum
Paul Furneaux Recording the Rain
Anupa Gardner The Kitchen
Anya Gleizer (and La Malle des Indes) Dionysus Lives
Mary Golden Rannoch Piece
Rebecca Grant Olive, 94
Rebecca Grant Katie, 8
Su Grierson Track & Trace
Joyce Gunn Cairns Dolly
Lys Hansen Museum of Memory
Nicola Henderson You can’t look back because it’s gone
Nicola Henderson Echoes
Jan Hendry The Road to Lumsden
Catherine Hiley At Night, with Moths
Catherine Hiley Bee Man
Rachael Horsburgh What am I
Fiona R Hutchison Tide Knot
Fiona R Hutchison Sea Knot
Bettina Hutschek HAUS 209
Bettina Hutschek Encounters at HAUS 209
Bettina Hutschek Maltese Proverbs
Mike Inglis The Fall
Mike Inglis Temple Girl
Mike Inglis Closer
Cate Inglis Printworks
Yvonne Ireland Hidden Depths III
Yvonne Ireland Hidden Depths II
Ewan John Infographics
Robin Johnston Panels
Aleksandra Kargul The Storm: ‘It’s not the moment that it happens. It’s the moment right before’
Aileen Keith Layers of Time
Aileen Keith Nucleus 2
Veera Krouglov There are so many people here and they are all looking at us?!
Lindsey Lavender ‘Leith Lane’
Jodi Le Bigre Homo Efflorescens: Their Species, Customs, and Character
Jodi Le Bigre Standing Anatomy of the Blossoming Man
William Lindsay Untitled
Kate Livingstone Toxic Corrosive
Kate Livingstone Inward Collapse
Kirsty Lorenz Votive Offering – Primula Scotica
James Lumsden Reflex (2/16)
James Lumsden Reflex (3/16)
James Lumsden Reflex (4/16)
James Lumsden Echoes (16/14)
James Lumsden Pulse (Study 1/16)
James Lumsden Pulse (Study 2/16)
James Lumsden Reflex (Study 1/16)
Suzie MacKenzie The Watchers
Doug Mackie The Discus Thrower
Deirdre Macleod From The Ground Up 1
Deirdre Macleod From The Ground Up 2
Paul MacPhail A little peace
Harry Magee Quantum Shift
Jane McCance Night Train
Calum McClure Colour Canal
Paola McClure Rejuncture
Paola McClure Hideous Evolution
Mark McCracken Spey Bay
Gillian McFarland Sequential Distortions
Gillian McFarland Frisson
Shona McGovern Minetti
Shona McGovern Minetti
Alan McGowan Untitled 1
Andy McIntosh Misty Meadow
Emily Moore Half-tones
Nikkita Morgan D!V!S
Mary Morrison Diaspora II
Mary Morrison Shadow Map IV
Nan Mulder Dream – artist book
Gillian Murray Ardalanish Bay, Mull
Gillian Murray Lava Flow
Gillian Murray Alcaufar, Menorca
Gillian Murray Seaweed Covered Rocks
Gillian Murray Coral Beach, Plockton
Gillian Murray Cala Rafalet, Menorca
Gillian Murray Overlooking Kinloch
Gillian Murray Conical Mountain
Leena Nammari Absent Gods
Leena Nammari Books
Leena Nammari Two Absent Chairs
Andy Neil Ark
Andy Neil Raw Meat
Martin Nelson Object Lesson # Eleven
Gayle Nelson PSSA Hearst Castle
Mark Osborne Flux
Rowan Paton Japanese Aurora
Rowan Paton Floating Mountain
Kevin Peden January Seas at Cathedral Rock, St Abbs
Kevin Peden Swell at Jock’s Nose, St Abbs
Ferguson Peter An Ataireachd Ard / The Ceaseless Surge
Ferguson Peter Brainstorm
Andrew Phillips In the Nature of Rain
Andrew Phillips Courageous Conversation
Charmian Pollok Tempus Fugit
Michael Popper 52
Li Portenlaenger Karman’s Vortex and Last Supper
Robert Powell The Arcadians
Robert Powell The Street of Games
Robert Powell One Way Street
Sharon Quigley VPSSA Dreaming of Sleeping No1
Sharon Quigley VPSSA Dreaming of Sleeping No2
Sharon Quigley VPSSA Dreaming of Sleeping No3
Clive Ramage A Certain Symmetry
Anna Raven Shetland Coastline Series 1
Louise Ritchie Threadbare
Anne Russell Aurora over Holm Sound
Frances Ryan Anna
Frances Ryan Learning to Crow
Catherine Sargeant missspeltart ERASURE CS1
Catherine Sargeant missspeltart ERASURE CS2
Catherine Sargeant missspeltart ERASURE with Jennifer Kelly
Lindsey Scott Be Satisfied
Linda Sheridan Coal Fans, Portobello Beach
Sigrid Shone The Boatsong, Red
Cecile Simonis The Stone Walls
Cecile Simonis The Time Watchers
Cecile Simonis Half Moon
Matthew Simos Behold! The earth giant has risen
Matthew Simos Observing the depth of his eternal slumber
Matthew Simos Fun Kong
Scott S Simpson Entrance
Carol Sinclair Memory Bank
Carol Sinclair Deficits 2
Carol Sinclair Deficits 3
Jill Skulina One
Liz Skulina Schema (to do list)
Bronwen Sleigh Jean Drapeau II
Bronwen Sleigh Biosphere I
Christine Sloman Untitled:Fragile
Jihoon Son The Sublime Onanism
Jihoon Son The Magic Period 1
Jihoon Son The Magic Period 2
Jihoon Son The Magic Period 3
Kenneth Spence The Rough Bounds (version 2)
Karen Spy Feeding Trails I
Karen Spy Feeding Trails II
Kate Steenhauer Topping the cask
Thomas Stephenson Dibnah
Thomas Stephenson Untitled
Graham Stokes Burnfoot Road Hawick (Zig Zag Path)
Jayne Stokes Roadtrip Relics
Angela Taylor Shore
Angela Taylor Squall
Frank To Pinnacle
Gerry Turley Hudson Bay & Strait 1
Gill Tyson Salt Stars
Gill Tyson Norton’s Star Atlas #6
Gill Tyson Norton’s Star Atlas #5
William Vernon The Welder
Miriam Vickers Isle of Bute from Toward
Fiona Watson And then songs filled the air
Stig Marlon Weston Grove – Branch #1, #2, #4, #7, #8
Evelyn White Garden
Richard White Into the light
Kirsty Whiten Dr. Susan Whiten
Graeme Wilcox Pilot
Lynne Windsor Fenbird
Lynne Windsor Da Vinci’s Trees and a Nuthatch
Sonja Witts Out of Water
Sonja Witts Raft
Annie Woodford Insertion
Annie Woodford Incise
Christine Wylie Slant II
Christine Wylie Slant I
Xiqi Zhang Untitled
Denise Zygadlo Loincloth 3