Site-specific, performative and digital artworks are a key aspect of any SSA exhibition. The Society engages with artists working in a broad range of media in its aim to represent all that is current in the contemporary art landscape of Scotland and indeed the world.

This year we present a number of visually arresting and challenging works which include amongst others:

South Korean artist Jihoon Soon, who will produce a large-scale installation on both the walls and floor of the galleries created from watercolour drawings and cut out forms. His work relates to ideas of memory and fantasy: unrequited love, daydreams and fears.

Robert Balfour Ward’s ‘Leaving Earth’ is influenced by Carl Sagan, David Attenborough, Jacques Cousteau and a small bird sculpture by Picasso and consists of 93 objects taking the form of mainly rockets but also a Raven, a Bat, a Lunar Moth, a flying fish and the sun. The 93 objects represent a measurement, the Astronomical Unit which is the distance from the earth to the sun which is approximately 93 000 000 miles.

Carol Sinclair’s ‘Memory Bank’ is a new piece of sculptural multi media work exploring the themes of memory and connection.  Multiple layers of fragile, paper-thin, translucent porcelain overlap one another, as a visual representation of the process by which we lay down memories over time and with experience.

David Faithfull’s ‘Alchemical Aviary’ which was originally commissioned for the Cupar Arts Festival and is shown for the first time in the National Galleries, reflects the perilous future of a number of endangered birds.

‘52’ a performance work created by Michael Popper and performed by Michael Popper and Brigid McCarthy is both a mathematical task, and reflects the intensity of the performers ‘shared concentration as they complete it. Intimate, fragile and transient, this rhythmic performance can be seen on 31 st of October, 1st, 5th, 12th, 19th 23rd and 24th of November.